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basic information

Window AC



The internal machine can be operated by remote controller and remote controller

Indoor wind speed: high, medium and low

Operating mode: cooling, heating, air supply 485 bus communication function

Indoor unit address automatic setting function

Air conditioning system protection function and corresponding fault display function Indoor function level can be set to adapt to indoor units with different capabilities

Connectable centralized control system Commonly used in digital vortex any trailer system, DC inverter arbitrary trailer system

The external unit adopts the 32-bit DSP28 series TMP28021DA from TI Company of USA, and realizes the Field Orientated Control (FOC) software.

The program has strong adaptability.

Real-time efficient and reliable.

The entire outdoor drive for this solution is only implemented on a single chip.

Using high-speed IPM or IGBT, low noise, low power loss, high switching efficiency.

The use of dual-resistor current sampling makes it easier to debug and drive the compressor and replace the compressor.

Sampling accuracy is high, accurate and efficient.

With standardized module design, you can freely match different auxiliary CPUs to meet the needs of different air conditioning designs.

This solution can be combined with the 3.3Kw active power factor adjustment circuit to improve the energy efficiency ratio of the air conditioner, which can meet the current global requirements for environmental protection of household air conditioners.

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