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basic information

Coffee Maker


Product Introduction:

Such products are mainly used for computer control on coffee machines, and intelligent program algorithms ensure system stability. Intelligent coffee machine control, creating a drip of fragrant coffee.

Function Introduction:

Man-machine Interface: Two operation modes: touch button and touch button.

A variety of display options: such as LED display, LCD display, TFT display, etc.

Heating System: Single heating block system and dual heating block system. When making single product coffee, the heating system can be arbitrarily selected. When doing cappuccino and latte, the dual heating block system can save brewing time.

Hardware Driver: Modular design, mainly for heating system, brewing system and water system.

Program Settings: cup volume control, temperature control, coffee bean dosage adjustment, cleaning and descaling functions.

Alarm Information: lack of water, lack of drip tray, lack of slag box, lack of beans and other alarm. Customers can add and delete as needed.

Use Scene