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Senior Product Manager
Number: 2

1. Bachelor's degree or above, specialty not limited; 
2. Excellent communication and coordination skills, good comprehensive quality, clear thinking; 
3. Familiar with household appliances or household appliances lighting or LED power supply and other PCBA application fields, with more than 4 years working experience in the industry; 
4. Product planning experience and successful product planning cases, familiar with market situation and keen insight into the market; 
5. Priority of R & D background or sales background is preferred


Senior Purchasing Engineer
Number: 2

1. Bachelor's degree or above, the major is not limited to 
2. Excellent communication and coordination skills, good comprehensive quality, clear thinking, 
3. Be familiar with the cost consciousness of power supply or PCBA application and electronic devices, 
4. Strong ability of information collection and processing, with keen market sensitivity and insight, familiar with the market situation of responsible products; 
5. Excellent analytical skills, judgment and negotiation skills, good performance and professional ethics in the field of procurement; 
6. English has the ability of listening, speaking, reading and writing, and engineering background is preferred.


Senior Software Engineer
Number: 5

1, five years or above experience in electronic manufacturing design or process
2, familiar with the production process and process of electronic products, have a certain understanding of circuit principle;
3, proficiency in office office software, skilled use of CAM350, CAD and other mapping software
4. Good communication and coordination ability, strong practical ability.

Advanced hardware engineer
Number: 5

1. Bachelor degree or above, major in computer or electronics; 
2. More than 4 years experience in home appliances lighting or PCBA software and hardware R & D; 
3, familiar with the application of MCU, understand software algorithm; 
4. Using the circuit drawing software skillfully, the circuit schematic design can be completed by the single product. The software and hardware debugging and the positioning of the hardware and software problems can be completed independently; 
5. Good team development awareness and teamwork ability. Diligent, active, active, quick thinking and good learning and analytical skills.


Senior Customer Manager
Number: 5

1. Bachelor degree, major in English or electronics, English level six, fluent oral English; 
2. More than 4 years of customer development experience in electronics industry, with experience in home appliances lighting or electronics industry is preferred; 
3. Excellent communication skills, strong coordination, good resistance to stress, cheerful personality and good comprehensive quality. 
4, outgoing, lively and cheerful, good at communication, high understanding, good leadership and organization and coordination ability; 
5, have their own sales ideas and ideas.